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Xmlinputfactory is validating

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Additionally, it is much easier to use than SAX parser and does not require building DOM tree but instead it is possible to read data directly into your own data structures.

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For more information on XXE, please visit XML External Entity (XXE) Processing.It means that the programmer explicitly decides when to extract next event from the XML document and can get prepared to it beforehand.In my opinion PULL interface is more straightforward to use and leads to smaller and more readable code responsible for handling of events.Unfortunately, it does not validate XML document against XML Schema so it has to be done in some other way.To start reading document we have to first create instance of XMLStream Reader using XMLInput Factory: Depending on the type of the event we can execute different methods of XMLStream Reader interface to retrieve information about the event. XMLStream Reader; public class Books Reader The most important thing is that we create several methods for reading various XML elements and we call one method from another depending on the name of the element which has just started.Streaming API for XML provides very good but still low-level parser for reading XML documents.

This is perfect when you want to have great control over parsing or want to process only few parts of the XML document.

XMLStream Reader takes care of most tasks related with parsing of XML documents like expanding entity references, unescaping special characters or handling XML namespaces.

It also checks whether XML document is well-formed and raises exception when it is not the case.

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Streaming API for XML provides interface XMLStream Reader which gives a low-level but very efficient cursor-like API for reading XML documents.

It is possible to force the parser to emit only one such event with concatenated text by setting Coalescing property on XMLInput Factory before instantiating the reader.